Indiana hands-free law marks 1 year anniversary


INDIANA (WEHT) Indiana’s hands-free law has now been enforced for a full year.

So far, more than  5,400 Hoosiers have received a ticket for having their phone in hand while driving. There have also been more than 10,000 warnings.

Sergent Todd Ringle with Indiana State Police says this law has encouraged people to refrain from texting and driving. “Prior to July 1 of last year, you could sit at any intersection and watch drivers go by and almost everyone was on their cellphones. Now, not so much as a matter of fact it may take us 30 minutes to find a violation. “

Sgt. Ringle says even though it seems more people are complying with the hands-free law, it’s going to take more time before drivers to be conditioned to drive without holding their phone.

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