Indiana jobs report for November reveals lowest unemployment rate seen in decades


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INDIANA (WEHT) In a November jobs report released on Friday, the state of Indiana reveals its unemployment rate is down to 3.0 percent–a new low that hasn’t been seen in over 20 years.

“It has been more than 20 years since we saw a 3.0% unemployment rate. This, along with private employment showing gains for five of the last six consecutive months are signs of a positive and strengthening economy,” said Commissioner Fred Payne.

By comparison, the national average for unemployment in November was 4.2 percent. Indiana has come close to this low in the past–in December 2019, it was at 3.1, and was holding at 3.2 in March of 2020–just as the COVID-19 pandemic was reaching the Midwest.

This record low is a continuation of a six-month stretch of mostly-steady gains in private sector employment. Since May, over 69,000 jobs have been filled.

These five industries that saw the biggest jobs increase:

  • Manufacturing–5,000 jobs
  • Leisure and Hospitality–3,300 jobs
  • Professional & Business Services–2,900 jobs
  • Trade, Transportation & Utilities–2,300 jobs
  • Construction–1,500 jobs

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