INDIANA (WEHT) — Indiana has filed a new lawsuit in hopes of protecting Hoosiers’ Second Amendment rights.

Attorney General Todd Rokita says the state is suing the Biden administration in order to challenge a recent rule by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that he believes infringes on Hoosiers’ gun rights.

According to the state officials, the new rule would make pistols equipped with stabilizing braces subject to federal regulation. This is because these pistols would be now treated as short-barreled rifles.

“As long as I’m Attorney General, we will never willingly cede Hoosiers’ cherished liberties to the whims of federal bureaucrats,”  says Attorney General Rokita. “This is a clear case of overreach by the executive branch, and we fully expect to prevail in this lawsuit.”

Rokita claims these new federal regulations require anyone using pistols with stabilizing braces to provide their fingerprints to the ATF, be registered in a federal database and pay applicable taxes.

State officials say Indiana joins 24 other states and private business that are now a part of this lawsuit against the Biden administration. The full complaint can be read below.