BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Indiana University is requiring all students and employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations for the fall semester and is threatening to cancel class registrations and fire staff members who don’t comply.

IU officials announced the requirement for its campuses across the state Friday, saying it will allow the university to lift most coronavirus-related restrictions such as face masks and physical distancing.

“We wanted to give students after a year and a half of not being able to experience what college life is really like and some of them never got to experience it- because they entered during the beginning of the pandemic, some feel of college life. Just normal college life,” said Dr. Lana Dbeibo, director of vaccine incentives for IU’s Medical Response Team.

The university said exemptions to the vaccination requirement will be limited, including medical exemptions and documented and significant religious exemptions.

“There are certain individuals who will not be able to get the vaccine who will be allowed an exemption. The whole process of how to sign up for that will be ready closer to the middle of June when we have all the details ready,” Dr. Dbeibo said.

The University of Notre Dame is ordering a similar vaccination requirement for students and employees before the fall semester.