HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – With the fall harvest rapidly approaching, Indiana State Police are reminding Hoosier motorists there will will be an increase in agricultural equipment on the roads.

YearReported crashes involving farm equipment and other vehiclesReported injuries involving farm equipment and other vehiclesReported fatalities involving farm equipment and other vehicles
Source: Indiana State Police

Indiana State Police is partnering with the Indiana Department of Agriculture to increase roadway safety by encouraging careful driving when navigating around large farm equipment on the roads this fall. ISP provided the following tips for farmers and motorists to have a safe fall season:

  • If you see agricultural equipment on the roadways, slow down.
  • Remember that large agricultural equipment makes slower and wider turns than passenger vehicles.
  • Farm equipment is wide and can take up most of the road. Be sure to use caution when passing.
  • With the movement of large and wide agricultural equipment on the roads, allow plenty of time to get to your destination and be aware of alternate routes.
  • When following slow-moving agricultural equipment, exercise patience.
  • Be aware that agricultural equipment may be moving on the roadways at night.
  • Observe for animals such as deer.
  • Farmers should look for a wide pullover location to allow backed up traffic to safely pass.

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