INDIANA (WEHT) – Indiana Property Rights Alliance (IPRA) and several landlord and housing providers filed a lawsuit against Indiana. 

The lawsuit specifies that property owners, landlords and housing providers in Indiana have been harmed by Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Orders on eviction moratoriums. A press release says the moratoriums required housing providers to provide services without the legal requirement of compensation. Funds were made available to assist tenants, but none were made available to landlords, says the press release. 

IPRA asks Attorney General Rokita to closely review these actions by Governor Holcomb against landlords/housing providers. IPRA says the Governor’s action to order eviction moratoriums without prior compensation and current compensation is unconstitutional under Indiana’s constitution, and demands the State of Indiana provide compensation for the losses incurred by landlords and housing providers. 

IPRA President, Laura Guy, states “Private ownership of rental property is beneficial to communities. Eviction moratoriums are egregious to both landlords/housing providers and tenants, especially without compensation. Any further government interference by any government agency to contractual agreements between landlord/housing provider and tenant is unconstitutional and a fundamental abuse of power.”

Click here to see the lawsuit documents.