INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced that after an extensive investigation into last July’s hit-and-run death of 3-year-old Jyrie Mathews that no criminal charges will be filed against the driver.

In what the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office called a “tragic vehicular death,” Jyrie Mathews was struck and killed on July 18, 2022, while he was bent over near a storm drain in the parking lot of a Castleton shopping center on E. 82nd Street.

Jyrie’s mother previously told FOX59 that she had stopped in the Clearwater Village parking lot after her vehicle overheated and that her young son got out of the vehicle to play with his ball.

“All of a sudden I didn’t hear any more dribbling,” his mother said. “I went behind the car and saw him laying there.”

Family approved picture of Jyrie Mathews

Despite the driver not staying on the scene following the deadly hit-and-run, Indianapolis police did state at the time of the tragedy that it was possible the driver didn’t realize they had struck a child.

According to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, a later examination of the vehicle that struck Jyrie showed no visible damage. Law enforcement were also able to calculate that the vehicle that struck Jyrie was traveling 11 miles per hour, which is below the posted 15 mph speed limit.

“As a consequence of the investigative findings, it was determined that criminal charges are not warranted in this matter,” the prosecutor’s office said.

Jyrie’s family has been notified of the decision to not file charges.