Columbus, IND – The Indiana Department of Natural Resources confirmed Sunday afternoon search crews found the body of 2-year-old Emma Sweet.

Emma Sweet, went missing earlier this week with her family, Jeremy Sweet. Jeremy Sweet was found submerged in his car in the White River in Bartholomew County on Friday morning. But, Emma was not in her car seat.

On Saturday, crews found her jacket downstream from where Sweet’s truck was found in the water. But, search crews had to call off the search for the second night in a row because it got too dark to search.

Sunday, DNR announced it found Emma’s body two and a half miles downstream in a fork of the White River.

Her father, Jeremy Sweet, has been placed on a 72-hour hold at the hospital as they investigate the circumstances of what happened. He is in critical condition.

Bartholomew Co. Sheriff Matt Myers says Sweet had needle and drug paraphernalia on him when he was found in the submerged truck.

Authorities are still unsure how the two ended up in the water and how long they may have been in there.