PLAN AHEAD: INDOT urges drivers to avoid North Split for weekend shut down


INDIANAPOLIS — Plan ahead is the name of the game for drivers, starting this weekend.

That’s as the Indiana Department of Transportation plans to close the I-65/I-70 North Split Interchange starting early Saturday into the end of Sunday.

Mallory Duncan, with INDOT, says some exits will be open Saturday. However, it’s unclear which ones.

“It’s going to be really hard to say what will be closed, what won’t be, at what point this weekend,” said Duncan, “So if you just think of it as closed on Saturday morning, you know we’ll be good to go and it’ll keep everyone safe.”

465 is the official detour for the project, which should only add about five minutes to most commutes.

To help relieve traffic, INDOT will incorporate ramp metering in the coming weeks. Drivers will notice it on the southside of 465.

Ramp metering works as a traffic signal to allow drivers to safely merge onto the interstate. The temporary method is subject to change if needed.

Duncan says the best advice for drivers is to start planning out new routes.

INDOT is in constant communication with apps, such as Google and Apple Maps and Waze. The closure will also be reflected in most driving apps.

By Sunday, the countdown begins for 18 months, when the split is set to reopen. Duncan says crews will be completely rebuilding bridges and making upgrades.

“A whole new generation of people will be able to enjoy the North Split,” said Duncan, “It’s going to be a lot safer, and your commute will be faster because we won’t see as much congestion in the interchange. So it’ll be painful for a little while there, but it’ll be very well worth it when it’s done.”

Drivers can also keep up with the North Split project on the official website.

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