MOUNT VERNON, In. (WEHT) – Posey County EMS is getting an exciting new tool to better address the healthcare needs of the community.

“With the mobile integrated health program, it gives us the ability to maybe work with people that need help within the community either medicine wise, food wise, fall wise, or prevention wise,” says Paul Micheletti, Director of Posey County EMS.

A Health Issues and Challenges Grant awarded to Posey County from the State of Indiana will make this new health unit possible. The $370,000 in funds will go towards purchasing a sports utility vehicle that will render not only emergency services, but also many of the services one would find at a traditional doctor’s office.

“(It) could be a child wellness injury and prevention program, go out and administer vaccines, or nutrition to the vulnerable,” says Micheletti.

Paul Micheletti says he plans on reaching out to other counties that have similar systems to ensure the success of Posey County’s new set of wheels.

“I’m going to meet with a bunch of people that have programs in place – find out how they started, what worked for them, what didn’t work for them. We’ll purchase a vehicle, we’ll purchase all the equipment,” says Micheletti.

The county already has a vehicle similar to the planned health SUV, so officials are looking forward to improving on the concept with the new build. Once the EMTs get the key to the new vehicle, the team can get to work meeting some of the healthcare gaps that were shown during the pandemic.

“The purpose is to take care of some of the needs inside the county where people couldn’t necessarily, or don’t necessarily, need to go to the hospital. I’m just really excited about it. It’s going to be great for the people of Posey County,” says Micheletti.

Officials say the service will be fully up and running by July 1st.