FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Prospective parents have a lot of factors to think about when deciding to bring a life into the world, their own relationship, family health histories, deciding how to split or share care duties as the child grows, and the monetary expense of not only raising the child but the cost of birth.

When it comes to the Hoosier state, as of 2022, the median cost of having a vaginal delivery in Indiana outside of your insurance network was just over $24,500. That’s about $3,000 cheaper than the national median of $27,271.88 according to a report from Fair Health.

Should the mother need a C-section birth, the price jumps up to $32,283.30 for out-of-network costs. The national median for this type of birth is $35,907.33.

Most potential parents likely will choose to use a doctor or facility that is part of their insurance’s network. Fair Health explains what they call the “allowed amount” as the “The total fee negotiated between an insurance plan and a provider for an in-network service. Includes both the portion to be paid by the plan member and the portion to be paid by the plan.”

When looking in-network the price of a vaginal delivery Hoosiers pay drops to a median of $11,348.54. The national median of in-network vaginal delivery births is $12,968.44.

Should a C-section be needed, in-network costs were around $13,150, which compares to the national median of $15,555.61.

When looking at nearby states in comparison, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky, all come in at lower costs than what Hoosiers are paying for childbirth regardless of method or network. Illinois, while not near the cost of the highest nationally like Alaska, California, and New Jersey, tended to be between $500 to $2,000 more expensive than here in Indiana.

For more information view Fair Health’s interactive cost map online here.