Halloween is just a little over two months away, which means Spirit Halloween stores are beginning to pop up and open! In fact, several Spirit Halloween stores are opening Tuesday across Indiana.

Locations in Noblesville, Indianapolis, Plainfield, Kokomo, Muncie, Lafayette and Terre Haute are opening Tuesday, just to name a few! According to the store locator on Spirit Halloween’s website, no specific date has been set for other locations to open, just sometime in September.

On the store locator, you can also see what each store used to be. The Speedway location opens in September and is located at the former location of The Avenue.

The Fort Wayne location used to be Pier 1 and opens Tuesday at 11 a.m.

According to Spirit Halloween’s website, they have over 1,400 stores across the United States, making them the largest Halloween retailer in North America.

Some new items you can find at stores this year include:

• Dino Ranch
• Bluey
• Encanto
• The Incredibles
• Ted Lasso
• The Wizard of Oz
• Squid Game
• Yellowstone