Indiana Senator Mike Braun talks about the State of the Union, bipartisanship in Capitol Hill


Indiana Senator Mike Braun spoke with Eyewitness News about the State of the Union Address, bipartisanship and issues impacting our government.

Braun is a newly-elected Republican Senator from Jasper. He talked about what’s at stake with the President’s State of the Union Address.

Brad Byrd: “Senator Braun, the president has said unity with be a theme of tonight’s speech. But his recent tweets have been extremely critical of democrats on the hill. Not exactly an invitation to a come together conversation around the camp fire. what’s your response to that and if both sides don’t budge on border wall funding will there be a second shutdown?

Senator Mike Braun: “Well, I hope we do not have government shutdowns again and I think the process, Brad, is so broken, that we’re kind of repeating the same thing. Uh, there need to be reforms done to the system long-term to prevent it. I’ve got a bill out there that would address it, if there’s no budget done in regular order or time, nobody gets a paycheck here. That’s actually catching some stride. But, most of what the President wants to do on immigration is stuff that the leadership in the Democratic party was for, if not more so, very recently. I think, Hoosiers, Americans, are sick and tired of where either side digs in politically and keeps kicking these problems down the road. I think everybody will pay the price. I do believe, they said, ‘Reopen the government’ the President did. I think the onus is on Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s shoulders to actually work out a common-sense deal with the conferees that are there working. and I’m holding out optimism that we’ll get it done by February 15th. If not, I think it’s gonna be an embarrassment for both sides, and it’s gonna make everybody out there more cynical about the process that this place is a broken institution.””

Braun also talked about how dysfunctional Capitol Hill appears to be now, and that bipartisanship is rare.

Brad Byrd: “Most agree it’s going to take republicans and democrats on capitol hill and the president to come together. Is that possible? What have you learned in your brief time on the hill about this shutdown that cost the U.S. economy 11 billion dollars by some estimates.”

Sen. Mike Braun: “Well I don’t think it was that much, but I won’t argue about it. It’s sad that had to happen. I don’t know. I haven’t been here long enough to learn why the idea is that you can’t agree on how we do our infrastructure, how to lower the cost of health care, how we pay for border security and I think you can’t agree because you may think you’re giving the other side something. Everybody who’s here. who’s been here will pay the consequences in 2020. I’m here as the guy who wants to reform the system.”

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This story was originally published on February 5, 2019

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