Indiana’s U.S. Senators weigh in on Congress standstill


INDIANAPOLIS — Congress is at a standstill despite multiple attempts to compromise on another relief package for struggling Americans.

The biggest issue between both parties is the price tag of this bill.

Indiana U.S. Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young said they don’t want to put an exact limit on aid, but every dollar must be justified.

Both agree the next package must help the hardest hit businesses.

“The most fiscally irresponsible thing we could do is allow these businesses to go out of business, thus leading to a situation where they are no longer paying employees, no longer paying payroll taxes and their employees would be forced onto public assistance,” said Sen. Young.

Young supports a proposal that would require a company’s proof of loss.

“This is a partially forgivable loan based on the amount of revenue hit a particular business has taken,” said Young.

Young said he’s also looking for childcare assistance and a push to expand tele-health in the bill.

Senator Braun wants to help the unemployed who were at the lower end of the pay scale. He thinks the Democrat’s proposal of $600 weekly is too much.

“$200 dollars and or up to 66 percent of the wage you had before,” explained Braun.

He said anything more would incentivize being unemployed. Braun wants the package to help open things up again.

“Respect the disease but not shut the economy down in the process,” said Braun.

Last week—the Trump Administration rejected a $2 trillion dollar compromise.

Many republicans believe $1 trillion would be enough. Sen. Braun and Sen. Young would not state a limit, but both agreed $3 trillion was too high.

“The Democrats have not demonstrated the need,” said Young. “I’ve indicated that there is over a billion dollars just here in the state of Indiana alone. If we give clarity to our states about how those monies can be used, they might be deployed to meet a number of these resources rather than appropriate an additional $3 trillion.”

“It’s politicizing COVID-19 to try to get other things you would like to get done at the same time,” said Sen. Braun.

He said if Congress doesn’t reach an agreement in the next two weeks or so, Braun is not confident one will pass before the election.

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(This story was originally published on Aug. 13, 2020)


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