OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – An investigation into a string of burglaries around Owensboro has spilled into surrounding counties. Daviess County Sheriff Brad Youngman believes a string of thefts in Daviess and Muhlenberg counties are connected, and the individuals responsible are no strangers to law enforcement.

“They’ve been at this for years. And it’s just nice to finally bring them to justice on this one,” says Sheriff Youngman.

One arrest at a time, he can begin to breathe a little easier. A process that began last Summer continues in February of 2023, with more arrests being made in Daviess and Muhlenberg counties related to a string of recent thefts.

“When they do a search warrant at one property, it often leads to another property,” explains Sheriff Youngman. “They make an arrest, that person may have something on them that leads to another person. So, the CID personnel have really been chasing just one thing after another.”

The CID, or Criminal Investigation division, has helped fast track the investigation. In May 2022, a search warrant led to several burglary citations for Billy Bailey, as well as Nicholas Small. Small’s father, Charles, was arrested earlier this month, and nicholas, who is considered the prime suspect, was arrested again on February 16 on 3rd degree burglary charges.

“This is very much still ongoing,” says Youngman. “It started a few weeks ago, and I don’t think a day has gone by that there have not been more developments, more leads have come in.”

Sheriff Youngman says the suspects all reside in Daviess County. While storage units and trailers appear to the main targets, investigators say everyone should be vigilant.

“They’ve just been finding all kinds of things that have been reported stolen,” says Sheriff Youngman. “And of course any time they’re on scene and they’re able to make a connection to a specific item, they seize that item and bring it back to the Sheriff’s office.”

Sheriff Youngman tells Eyewitness News more arrests are likely to be made as this investigation continues.