On February 14, the bodies of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty Rose Lynn German, both from Delphi, Indiana, were found in a wooded area near the Delphi Historic Trail in Carroll County.

The teens had been reported missing the previous day by family members.

Volunteers who were helping with the case discovered the bodies of the girls.

Law enforcement is investigating the case as a double homicide.

Since February 15, authorities distributed a photo of a person seen on the Delphi Historic Trail. During the course of this investigation, preliminary evidence has led investigators to believe that the person in the photo is suspected of being involved in the murders of Williams and German.

Anyone who is able to provide any information regarding the case is asked to call the Delphi Murder Tip Line at 1-844-459-5786. Information can be reported anonymously.