“Its a horrible decision” – retired Major weighs in on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Biden’s decision to withdraw troops in Afghanistan is drawing mixed emotions. especially among those who served and sacrificed.

Evansville native Christopher Lee was deployed to Afghanistan in 2004 and was a part of Task Force Phoenix which trained the first Afghan National Army recruits.

Lee said what hey established in Afghanistan provided a great deal of stability for the country. He says the withdraw leaves them too vulnerable to ISIS and the Taliban.

“The United States in a couple of key locations provides a tremendous amount of peace in the country and stability. And by the way, ISIS is present in Afghanistan. But the Taliban knows they can’t take over the country with us having presence,” said Lee.

With a nation divided on the decision, lee says his views are not partisan and that he disagrees with decisions made by, both, Trump and Biden but that Biden’s decision to withdraw is too abrupt and not orderly.

“We left it. We just abandoned it, I have pictures being sent to me from Afghanistan of Conex just being left behind,” he said.

Lee says presence in Afghanistan showed people we would respond to 9/11 and attacks on our country. He’s also reminded of the ultimate sacrifices which were made.

“Look, I lost friends, friends who were killed…and people I worked for were killed…what was that for?”

More of his concerns lie closer to home.

“My biggest concern about my kids having to go back. When you completely pull out. They want us to stay and we should stay. If we just stayed we would have had a presence.”

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