EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Ivie Duncan’s mom says they never knew if Ivie would make it this far, but now that she is graduating high school, her mother couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.

Ivie life’s has been anything but simple as she was born with a condition that left most of her intestine out of her body when she was born. Her family was unaware if she would ever walk, and now Ivie has crossed the stage receiving her high school diploma from Benjamin Bosse High School on her 19th birthday.

Ivie believes that without the continued support of her family throughout life and the teachers and staff at Bosse High School she wouldn’t be where she is today.

“Just all my new teachers that’s been helping me out they kind of like understand where I’m coming from and know what I’m going through and I don’t what I’d do without them and if I could not graduate,” explained Ivie.

With almost losing her daughter multiple times over the years including last September, Kara Griffin says her daughter never gave up.

“She’s here and it’s been a struggle all the years but we didn’t even know if we’d see this day and now that we’ve seen this day and it’s her 19th birthday, I’m just really overwhelmed,” said Griffin.

Ivie has been through multiple operations and the day before her graduation, she was admitted back into the hospital which left whether she would get to walk at graduation in the air.

“They end up admitting her,” said Griffin. “We didn’t know they were and then I stressed to all the doctors we’ve got to be out of here by 2 o’clock. I said I’ll bring her back if you just let her go,” she added.

She would go on to walk the stage with the rest of her class determined to never give up.

“Ivie was not giving up she said if she didn’t get out of the hospital today she was going to go back next year and make sure she graduated so she was pushing the team,” Griffin explained.