OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Jurassic Quest is moving on in to take over Owensboro. North America’s most popular interactive dinosaur experience started set up at the Owensboro Convention Center.

“Dinosaurs never go out of style. They are and forever will be kind of a gateway kind of science,” said Brainy Beth, a dino trainer at the exhibit.

The exhibit has over 165 billion years worth of prehistoric dinosaurs all moving and roaring in their respective environments. The event will start Friday at noon and go until Sunday.

“Becoming a dinosaur trainer takes a lot of heart and a lot of dedication. I am pleased to announce that if you come to Jurassic Quest this weekend. You and your family can become amateur dinosaur trainers yourself,” said Beth.

Families can ride and walk with dinosaurs, enjoy bouncy houses, and various other activities.

“The fossil table where you can go and learn more about, not only museum quality cast fossils, but also real fossils as well. So, we do have a few real fossils here. We have our up-close and personal raptor training experience, as well as a baby dinosaur meet and greet,” said Beth.

The experience started in 2013 as a family- owned business, and now provides edutainment to families in the thousands. It’s geared toward children ages 3-10.

Brainy Beth says dinosaurs kickstarted her own journey into science.

“First, they’re dinosaurs and then it becomes things like biology, you know archaeology..you have geology mixed in there…oceanography and even astronomy,” said Beth.

Ticket prices start at $22 and can be purchased on the official Jurassic Quest website.