Kentuckians Start Signing Up for Healthcare Through Kynect

Millions of Americans can now get health insurance on the open market. Meanwhile, thousands of Kentuckians can get it through the state’s Kynect Healthcare Connection. Governor Beshear says nearly 60,000 people visited the connection’s site today, but there were some technical issues.

There are 640,000 Kentuckians without health insurance and thousands more under insured. Today, they began searching for a good plan and some answers.

“Well, it’s about time we got some help,” says Tammy Butler of Owensboro. She was back in school.

“I’m hoping to learn a lot about it,” she says.

Not about chemistry or English, but about the state’s Kynect Healthcare Connection.  Butler says she’s already learned the hard way how expensive it gets without insurance.

“Office visits vary from 130 to 160 a visit and when you’re on a limited income, that’s hard,” Butler says. “And then you have to pay for the medications.”

More than 50,000 people were prescreened for qualification and more than 2,000 applications processed as of 5:00 PM Tuesday. The AARP of Kentucky says there’s still much to learn about what plans people can and can’t get.

“Most people don’t know that a family of four can make up to $94,000 a year and get help for an insurance policy,” says Tihisha Rawlins of AARP. “So, this is for a lot of people who need a little help to get some insurance.”

That’s why they’re stopping at Kentucky Wesleyan College. They’re getting people like Butler to learn more so they can get more.

“I think that it benefits some people and some people, it might not benefit so much. I’m just hoping I’ll get the benefits from it,” says Butler.

You have until March 31, 2014 to sign up on the open exchanges.

To learn more about Kynect or the health care exchange:
Kynect Healthcare Connection website:
AARP Health Law Answers:
U.S. National Health Care website:

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