HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- Classes are canceled in Kentucky’s largest school district because buses have not been able to get students home in a reasonable amount of time. A delayed drop-off even left on child on the road until bedtime.

School has been cancelled again today for Jefferson County Public School students following busing issues. Parents say that they have been waiting hour after hour for their children to be bussed home after school, shockingly the latest arrival time for some has been just before 10 p.m.

The problem stems from last school year, when the district made major changes to its transportation plan, citing bus driver shortages and other staff vacancies, spending 200 thousand dollars on a firm that cut routes and stops. However to some parents, the changes seem to have only made things worse.

Superintend, Marty Pollio released a statement announcing that schools would be closed until Monday August 14. “We have to be better in what we are doing. And once again, I’ll say, that lays squarely on my shoulders and my team’s shoulders. It’s not on bus drivers, it’s not on schools. It’s on me and my team. And we are going to fix this,” said Pollio.

Bus drivers are spending the cancelled school days practicing routes and making changes, but parents are worries that Monday will be another dismal day for student drop-offs.