HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Some of the candidates for Kentucky’s Republican nomination for governor take on some of the state’s hot button topics.

One was the role of police and public safety in lieu of the rise in mass shootings.
Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron, Kentucky agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles, and Eric Deters each shared their thoughts on the conversation relating gun violence and mental health.
With all opposing red flag gun laws-they were asked what they would do to prevent further gun violence.

Ryan Quarles focused on the mental health aspect. “Right now, we need to have more emphasis on mental health and it starts not just with workplace violence, the loss of loved ones. It needs to start in our schools, and we have mental health issues with teenagers with social media, self-image issues. we need to make sure that we beef up mental health at our workplace, and also make remove the unfortunate stigma that exists with those who suffer from mental illness. we need to say it’s ok to check in, there are resources available, please call and we can help you out.

Deters focused on arming citizens to help deal with threats.

“The only preventive thing i would do on gun violence is this. arm more citizens. the more armed. For example, the shooting in Louisville, nobody’s answered this question for me, were the people that were working in that building not allowed to have a gun by employment policy. armed citizens reduce that. and here’s another thing. I hate corporate healthcare. I call on tonight, corporate healthcare, because they love money. Let’s build more mental care hospitals. all big pharma does is dole out the prescriptions and let them live among us, when a lot of them need to be in a mental hospital. “

Cameron talked about helping the police out in these situations.

“Well one of the things I offered up a few weeks ago is the fact that we need to put a Kentucky State Police post in Jefferson County. and our governor right now, Andy Beshear could do that, but he refuses to. he decides instead to sit on his hands while violent crime continues to grow exponentially in Louisville. and again, I want to be a governor that takes action, and this is something again that the governor can do right now. so i call on him to put a Kentucky state police post in Louisville, Kentucky. “

Fellow Republican Candidate Kelly Craft was also invited to join the debate but declined to attend. The winner of the Republican primary will likely face current governor Andy Beshear.