Kentucky high schools graduation ceremonies return


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Graduation ceremony season is upon us — and some Kentucky schools are trying to uphold some tradition after a not-so-traditional school year.

Seniors at Owensboro High School — received their diplomas. While those at Henderson County High held a parade.

Tuesday night, Owensboro held a traditional ceremony after a school year mixed with virtual and in-person learning. Students said that being together for this celebratory ceremony made for a bittersweet ending.

Tassels were turned in Owenboro High School at the football stadium filled with graduates looking ahead to their futures out of high school.

“After graduation, and I’ll be pursuing an internship at the chamber of commerce and then going on to attend Harvard University in the Fall,” said Kaysia Harrington.

“To the University of Kentucky to play football. Go Cats,” said senior Austin Gough.

Some have been in this journey together for several years.

“It’s special. And to graduate with these kids I’ve been in school with for over 13 years. It’s just great,” said Gough.

It all made for a special occasion, after getting through a school year like no other for many of these students and faculty.

“It was hard at knowing that the students were at home struggling at not being able to contact them sometimes and just kind of keeping up with everyone. That’s really hard, because we really thrive off of being able to talk to you guys,” said Dr. Sarah Brown.

And other schools in the area like Henderson County High celebrated with a parade. All leading up to their official graduation ceremony on Friday.

“It’s been a crazy year, we’ve had some obstacles, but we’re seniors and we’re graduating this year. That’s all it matters,” said Esmeralda Resendiz.

And as for some parting words…

“I think that if you have overcome this year that you can absolutely overcome any challenge and it’s up to you to make the difference that you are making all of your choices,” said Brown.

“Congratulations to everybody and thank you to everyone who’s made it possible,” said Harrington.

 “Thank you all for being here and getting me to where I’m at. I appreciate it,” said Gough.

About 250 students graduated here from Owensboro High School this year.

Henderson County High School will hold their ceremony on Friday at the Ford Center in Downtown Evansville.

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