Kentucky Lawmakers Talk Teacher Pensions and Gas Tax

Kyndle held a legislative breakfast Thursday morning inviting area lawmakers and residents to review the 2015 General Assembly.

State Senators Dorsey Ridley of Henderson and Joe Bowen of Owensboro, as well as State Representatives Dr. David Watkins of Henderson, Suzanne Miles of Owensboro and Jim Gooch of Providence were  invited to give their perspectives on the session and take questions from the audience.

Dr. Watkins says many items were discussed in the General Assembly, including a push for teachers to receive their full pension.
“I do want to re-assure my teachers that the full financial strength of Kentucky is behind their pensions and we will make sure that they continue to get their pensions because they don’t have social security and I feel like they need to have the reassurance to know that their pensions will be paid.” 

Doctor Watkins also says, one resolved issue was the gas tax which is used to maintain roads.
He said the state was collecting less money partly due to fuel efficient cars, so the tax has been stabilized at $.26  per gallon. 

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