Kentucky lifts curfew restrictions for bars and restaurants


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, states continue to lift restrictions.

On Friday, Kentucky ended its curfew for restaurants and bars while loosening capacity limits. This as people gather again on the Owensboro Riverfront for another Friday After Five.

In Governor Beshear’s latest move to relax restriction, the Commonwealth returns to normal bar and restaurant hours as well as the chance to sit at the bar to enjoy their beverages.

“People have asked constantly, they always try to sit at the bar. So, you know, we can finally say yes,” said Fetta owner Dennis Weafer.

“During COVID, we were following a pretty strict curfew base, stop serving drinks at this hour, be closed lights completely out by this hour. And that did affect us quite a bit. We did have to kick people out and just kind of say, sorry, we have to close last call kind of that kind of stuff. So we were doing that pretty often. When I do think people would have stayed later than they then they could,” said Regan Neal of Sip in Owensboro.

Neal said that her staff is also relieved for the extra hours.

“I think people, our employees are excited to come back and are eager to work as long as they can get as many hours as they can,” she said.

More seating and longer hours tonight for those looking to escape this unusually cold May weather.

“We’re enjoying it because guess what? It’s now life is getting back to normal. We want to enjoy what’s going on, but we want to go inside here and get out of this cold weather,” said Stefanie Oller.

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