KENTUCKY (WEHT) — Horse racing, bourbon, bluegrass music and college basketball might be some of the things you think of when Kentucky is mentioned. Good credit scores, however, are most likely not the first thing you think of.

A new study from WalletHub suggests the Bluegrass State lands in the bottom ten for good credit scores. With a score of 678, Kentuckian’s average is by no means a bad score. That being said, this average fails to compete with over 80% of the nation who rank higher than Kentucky.

Source: WalletHub

As for the best in the country, Minnesota finds that their residents have some of the highest credit scores, averaging out at high 724. On the contrary, Mississippi fails to beat every single state in the category, landing last with an average score of 662.

Using the VantageScore model, the average credit score in the U.S. balances out at 695, which is still higher than Kentucky’s score. Click here to learn several common credit myths that could damage your score.