KENTUCKY (WEHT) — If passed, a proposed bill could allow Kentuckians to add themselves to a list that would ban them from buying or owning guns.

Representative Lisa Willner says this bill could help Kentuckians who believe they are at risk for attempting suicide. She tells us this bill is not about trying to take anyone’s guns away.

“Tragically, the suicide rate in Kentucky is much higher than the national average, which itself has grown by a third since 1999,” Rep. Willner says. 

She tells us this tragic but preventable crisis needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. Her bill would give Kentuckians struggling with suicidal thoughts the right to add a self-imposed barrier that could make all of the difference during an extremely difficult moment in their lives.

The state would create a “Kentucky Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms List” if passed. It would be for those 18 and older who are otherwise not barred from owning a firearm. After 21 days, those wanting to remove themselves would be able to do so.

Additionally, the bill also would make it illegal for others falsely seeking to add or remove another person from this registry.

Lawmakers say a similar law passed in Virginia several years ago and other states formally debated the topic.