FRANKFORT, Ky. (WEHT) – Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles issued a statement on Gov. Andrew Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 83.

Senate Bill 83 or as referred to as the Save Women’s Sports Act is sponsored by Sen. Robby Mills. The bill directs the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Board of Control to pass regulations banning those identified as males on their birth certificates from participating on girls’ sports teams.

“Governor Andrew Beshear’s veto of a bipartisan bill disrupts athletic competition and opens the door for boys to play in girls’ sports. Decades of hard work to achieve equality in girls’ sports is now at risk due to Governor Beshear’s extreme view that erases all of the achievements female athletes have earned.”

The House passed the bill in a 70 to 23 vote and the Senate sent it to the governor’s desk in a 26 to 9 vote.