KENTUCKY (WEHT) – Senator Johnnie Turner, R-Harlan added an amendment to HB 690 that could allow lawyers to conceal-carry.

Sen. Turner stated that there are existing statues that allow judges, prosecutors and assistant prosecutors, current law enforcement, and former law enforcement with a concealed carry license being legally allowed to conceal carry in a courthouse. Sen. Turner also says that his amendment to HB 690 is consistent with a long-standing practice for officers of the court in Kentucky.

“Licensed attorneys in good standing with the Kentucky State Bar Association should be awarded the same rights and protections as other officers of the court.” Sen. Turner said in a statement from his office. “I filed the amendment to HB 690 on March 25 and the Senate voted on it on March 29, giving Democrat leadership, their staff, the public and interested parties four days to review the bill; it ultimately passed by a vote of 33-1 with my amendment attached.”

Sen. Turner has said that HB 690 passed by a vote of 33-1 with his amendment attached.