(PRICELISTO) – A new study has revealed that Papa Johns is the most popular fast-food restaurant in Kentucky.

The study, conducted by Pricelisto, analyzed Google US data for the most popular fast-food restaurants based on search interest and popularity over the past 12 months. According to Pricelisto, the top three fast-food restaurants in Kentucky are:

  • Papa Johns
    • Their wide range of menu items along with their convenient delivery service has led to Papa Johns being the most popular fast-food chain in Kentucky. 
  • White Castle
    • The burgers were initially priced at five cents until 1929. Although the price isn’t quite the same now the menu has rapidly expanded offering more and more choice to customers and still remains a popular favorite in the states that a White Castle is open.
  • Checkers (Rally’s)
    • Due to its convenient drive-thru style it makes it an attractive choice for fast food, and it is understandable why it might be popular with many people from Kentucky. 

A spokesperson for Pricelisto commented, “Fast food has become a staple of many Americans daily lives. Over a quarter of American adults eat fast food daily and therefore there is such a huge number of fast-food branches spread across the states.”