(WEHT) — The SAT is one of the most important tests that many high school students will take. What scholarships a student might receive and which college or university they’re accepted to have some influence by SAT scores.

If you’re a student living in Kentucky, chances are your SAT score was better than the rest of the nation. A recent study by the Scholarship Institute ranked Kentucky among the country’s best for SAT scores.

The minimum and maximum score are 400 and 1600 respectively, with the national average sitting at 1060. Kentucky came well above that average, tying Missouri for 9th with an average score of 1219. As for the absolute upper echelon, Minnesota ranked #1, averaging an SAT score of 1263 statewide. The lowest SAT scores came from Delaware, only showing an average score of 984.

Although Kentucky gave an impressive score 159 points above the national average, not all areas of our Tri-State did as well. Indiana found itself in the middle with an average of 1095, placing it a hair above the national average. Illinois fell well below the average, landing itself in the top 10 lowest SAT scores in the nation.

If you’d like to read more about the findings of the study, you can click here.