KENTUCKY (WEHT) – A news release says for the first time in Kentucky’s history, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) will be equipped with body-worn cameras.

KSP says on Friday the agency demonstrated the new integrated video recording system, which will be distributed to about 780 sworn personnel. A press release says in November 2021, Governor Beshear first announced his plans for a historic investment to improve public safety, which included $12.2 million for KSP to purchase an integrated video recording system. KSP says in April 2022, Beshear signed legislation that funded the recording system.

KSP Commissioner Phillip Burnett Jr. said, “When the Governor’s budget allocated funds for an integrated video system, we realized the need to carefully test and evaluate the best equipment for us. KSP plans to deploy the Motorola system in all cruisers by the end of 2023, beginning with newly issued cruisers first. Troopers assigned to those cruisers will receive the corresponding body worn cameras at that time.”

KSP says documenting trooper interactions in the field allows its leadership to investigate grievances against officers and can be used in refining techniques taught to cadets at the KSP academy. KSP says it will hire 28 civilian employees to assist in documentation, system maintenance and archival of video footage captured through the integrated video recording system.