HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Republican candidate for Kentucky Governor, Daniel Cameron, held a press conference on Tuesday to announce his education plan.

During the press conference, Cameron announced his “Catch-up Plan”, which includes developing a math and reading tutoring, plans to restore classroom discipline and surge resources to teachers and classrooms. In addition, Cameron said he would ask the General Assembly to approve a statewide base salary for starting teachers at $41,500.

Following the press conference, Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman released a response saying Cameron’s plan would pour taxpayer dollars meant for public schools into private schools and could exacerbate the teacher shortage.

“Daniel Cameron has spent his time in office attacking our teachers and advocating to weaken our public schools with vouchers that would send public tax dollars to private schools,” Coleman wrote in a statement. “The plan he rolled out doesn’t even offer raises to teachers in the classroom today, and it’s not fooling anybody.“

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the Kentucky Department of Education, fewer than half of Kentucky students are proficient in math or can read on grade level, and only 29% are proficient in science.