HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Officials say an Oak Grove woman has claimed the $2 million Kentucky Lottery Powerball prize from the October 4 drawing. 

Officials say after discovering she won, Jacalyn Armstrong called her husband, Jonathan, to tell him the news. Jacalyn had just left an OB-GYN appointment when she called Jonathan at work. 

“I told him I had some news and at first, he didn’t believe me,” Jacalyn said laughing.  You could tell I was in tears, and he thought I was going to tell him I was pregnant.” Jacalyn said.  “My mom thought the same thing when I called her.” “I was like, what is wrong with you all?”

Jacalyn told lottery officials she doesn’t play the lottery often. 

“When it (jackpot) gets big, my co-workers talk about it,” she said.  “One of them even said, “you should buy a ticket.””

A news release says it had been a while since Jacalyn had played online so she had to first get her password reset before being able to purchase her tickets. 

“I hadn’t even told him (husband) that I bought tickets, so he was even more surprised,” she said.

The Kentucky Lottery reports Jacalyn purchased a total of six Powerball tickets. The winning ticket matched the five white ball numbers winning the game’s $1 million second prize. Since adding Power Play to her tickets, her prize doubled from $1 million to $2 million. 

Officials say Jacalyn, along with her husband and two children had plans to visit Jonathan’s family, who live in Pennsylvania over Fall break and made plans to stop at the lottery office Wednesday on their way back home from their visit. After taxes, Jacalyn received a check for over $1.4 million. The couple said they plan to give some money to their church, purchase a larger home and buy a new car.