KENTUCKY (WEHT) – The American Heart Association is expanding a program that provides free infant CPR training to parents across Kentucky.

Training kits are being provided to NICUs across the state, which will then be handed out to new parents and caregivers. Health leaders first came up with the idea during the pandemic as an alternative to in-person CPR training. 

Katherine Kington North of the Kentucky Association of Health Plans says, “This is an extremely effective tool in increasing chances of survival in the face of an emergency… and most importantly, equipping parents with the confidence and the knowledge to be able to administer these life saving techniques. We know that 7,000 kids will go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, these kits can and will save lives.”

More than 1,900 kits have been distributed so far across eleven Kentucky counties. The expansion covers nearly two dozen additional counties, providing them with free kits upon request.