Pastor plans “Peaceably Gather” Sunday, will open his churches in KY and TX


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Owensboro, Ky. (WEHT) — Megachurch Pastor Brian Gibson says he will open the doors of his Henderson, Owensboro and Texas churches May 17, and is inviting other churches across the country to do the same.

Gibson launched an online petition for churches and other faith leaders can join in saying they will also open their doors.

“People in churches, mosques and synagogues have been told that, regardless of any social distancing or protective practices they implement, they can not gather, with threats of retribution from local governments if they don’t keep their doors closed. It’s not just ironic, it’s a deliberate slap in the face to religious freedom, that a Costco or Walmart can have hundreds of people inside their building at any one time, but places of worship and people of faith can’t be trusted to implement the same safety procedures in their own buildings.” said Pastor Brian Gibson, Senior Pastor of HIS Church. “The right to exercise our religious freedoms is the definition of Essential and must not be trampled on, and every Sunday that we aren’t in church we lose more freedom. On May 17th people of faith can exercise the appropriate social distancing and sanitary approaches, but most importantly they must exercise the Constitutional approach. Because rights not fought for will eventually be lost.”

A federal appeals court recently declined to block the Kentucky governor’s temporary ban on mass gatherings from applying to in-person religious services.

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