FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) – Lawmakers return to Frankfort today and will be met by groups on both sides of a very controversial bill.

Both the Fairness Campaign and the Family Foundation want to make sure legislators hear them out before they decide the fate of Senate Bill 150.

SB 150 restricts gender transition services for children. Earlier this month the bill passed in both chambers with near-unanimous GOP support. It passed 30-7 in the Senate and 75-22 in the House, but Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed it last Friday.

The bill now heads back to the Republican-dominated legislature. It’s likely to override this veto either today or tomorrow.

At 9:30 a.m., the Fairness Campaign is holding a youth-led rally outside between the Capitol building and Annex building to support LGBTQ and trans rights. Meanwhile, the Family Foundation is meeting in the Rotunda at 11 in support of lawmakers overriding the governor’s veto.

Throughout this legislative session, both sides have been extremely vocal and passionate.

In a statement from the Fairness Campaign’s executive director, Chris Hartman, he said the bill, “… harms transgender kids, their friends, and their families. Our community continues to grow exponentially and will keep fighting back no matter what the Kentucky General Assembly does in its final days.”

In a statement from the Family Foundation’s executive director, David Walls, he said the bill, “… simply protects Kentucky children from irreparable harm and ensures that their parents are empowered and aren’t kept in the dark.”


    Although lawmakers are likely to override this veto before the session ends, the Fairness Campaign doesn’t want any drama.

    “I don’t expect there to be much, if any, overlap between the two groups,” said Hartman. “I expect that it will be a very active day in the Capitol with much passion and emotion.”