KENTUCKY (WEHT) — The summer turkey survey is out! Kentucky wildlife officials say they can use the public’s help to collect observation data on turkey reproduction this season.

According to last year’s report, the survey has been conducted every summer since the mid 80’s. You can help with the survey by submitting info through several different ways. Some of the data sought after includes the day you saw the turkeys, the amount, and if you’ve seen them before.

The data for the survey can be collected from July 1 to August 31. The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources says you can complete the summer brood survey in one of these three ways:

  1. Web Page – makes entering observations easy
  2. App for Apple or Android smart phones – easy data entry on the go! (Survey Instructions for app)
  3. Paper Datasheet – print, write in your observations, and mail back to us on September 1st

Wildlife officials say this information helps them track changes in turkey populations and subsequent hunter harvest over time.