HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – According to “The Happiest States in the US” report by Scholaroo, Kentucky holds the 47th position out of all 50 states in terms of overall happiness.

Scholaroo says this study examined various factors contributing to a happy life, such as Personal Finance, Leisure and Mental Health. Officials say the research highlighted that Kentucky received some of the lowest scores in the country across these categories.

Scholaroo says ranking in descending order, with #1 considered the best and #50 the worst, these are the results for Kentucky in the Happiest States in the US 2023:

  • #33 Employment
  • #44 Leisure Activities
  • #47 Mental Health
  • #26 Personal Finance
  • #31 Personal Relationships
  • #49 Physical Health
  • #42 Social Policies

Officials say the least happiest state is West Virginia and the happiest state is Massachusettes. Scholaroo says Illinois ranked #2 on the list as one of the happiest states, while Indiana ranked #39, not making either list.

You can see the full study on Scholaroo.