KENTUCKY (WEHT) – Some infant CPR kits will soon be made more accessible.

Kentucky Association of Health Plans (KAHP) announced a move to provide Infant CPR Anytime Training® Kits to Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU) throughout Kentucky. The Kentuckiana American Heart Association (AHA) will distribute 3,000 kits, complete with an inflatable manikin and video course to hospitals so they can distribute to new parents. KAHP says the kits teach about infant choking and CPR training in about twenty minutes. The at-home kits will fill voids due to staffing limitations.

“With preterm infants, there are twice as many cardiovascular malformations as those born at full term, so the kits are especially important to those families,” said Dr. Sandra Guerra, chief medical director for KAHP member, WellCare of Kentucky and board chair of the Kentuckiana AHA. “Premature infants may also have breathing difficulties due to an underdeveloped respiratory system, and should it be necessary, parents will have the know-how to administer aid before an ambulance arrives. The physical practice that these kits provide is tremendous.”

KAHP says the kits include a skills reference card to refresh and review skills at any time. KAHP and the AHA began deliveries to NICUs in mid-May, with 1,900 distributed to-date, and will continue the shipments throughout the next several months. KAHP says the kits are available in both English and Spanish and provide a responsive experience for parents and caregivers to practice the proper way to apply chest compressions and other CPR skills.