Will you be able to board a plane with your current driver’s license?

Difference between KY REAL ID and standard driver's license

The left image shows what a Kentucky REAL ID looks like, the right image is a standard Kentucky driver’s license.

KENTUCKY (WEHT) In six months federal enforcement of the REAL ID Act is scheduled to begin, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants you to be aware of the changes this will bring.

One of the most important changes will occur at airports, where an ordinary driver’s license or ID card will no longer be accepted for boarding a plane. Nor will it be accepted for entry to restricted federal installations, such as military bases, nuclear plants and the White House.

A standard-issue license will still be good for driving, and as proof of identity, age and residence for purposes of voting and making age-restricted purchases, such as buying alcohol. It also will still be good for accessing such federal facilities as Social Security offices and Veterans Administration hospitals.

In Kentucky, REAL ID licenses and IDs are issued at KYTC Driver Licensing Regional Offices in select counties. Click here for a listing of offices and an appointment scheduler. In addition, documentation requirements are strict. Guard against having to make a return trip by ensuring you arrive with the proper documents. Use the IDocument Guide here or access the website at www.realidky.com.

(This story was originally published on April 1, 2021)

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