Kentucky Preparing for Next Tuesday’s Primary

Next Tuesday, Kentucky voters head to the polls in one of the most watched primaries in the country. The Republican U.S. Senate primary between Senator Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin is grabbing the attention.

“I think all eyes are on Kentucky with this primary,” says Todd Inman of the Daviess Co. Republican Party.

Next Tuesday’s primary could be the start of a shift in power.

“There are some over here I like and some over here I like” says Bonnie Roberts of Utica. “My kids call me all the time and one says, ‘Remember Mom, it starts with a D,’ and the other, ‘Remember Mom, it starts with an R.”

The big one: the Republican Senate primary between Senator Mitch McConnell and challenger Matt Bevin, with the winner facing likely Democratic nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes.  Inman says after next week’s primary, western Kentucky could be key in deciding who’ll win this fall.

“Republican voters are not very large as far as the number in western Kentucky, but they are vastly important, especially those conservative Democrats who vote nationally and vote conservative on national issues,” he says.

There’s also primaries for the General Assembly. They could determine if Republicans take control of the state house for the first time in decades.  The primaries will go a long way in determining if republicans can get the seats needed to gain the majority.

“Republicans haven’t had the house since, gosh, I can’t remember. And I would like to see that happen,” says David York of Owensboro.

Judge executive seats are also on the line. In Daviess County, the Republican primary between Al Mattingly and Gary Boswell, is the election.  No Democrats decided to run against the Republican nominee in the fall.

“As Republicans, we’ve been for much in the minority here in my lifetime,” York adds. “In case we’re going to get a good man either way.”

Daviess County officials say there are still more registered Democrats than Republicans in the county, despite growing momentum on the Republican side.

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