KY GOP: Turnout Higher in 2016 Caucus


The Kentucky Republican Caucus held on Saturday ended in a Donald Trump victory over Ted Cruz.

Trump ended the night with 35.92% of the vote (82,493 votes) and Cruz ended up with 31.57% (72,503 votes).

Marco Rubio finished in third with 16.36% and John Kasich finished in fourth with 14.43%.

All four candidates are receiving delegates from the contests.

Trump takes the most with 17, Cruz takes 15, and Rubio and Kasich each take 7.

The Kentucky Republican Party says turnout for the first-ever caucus exceeded the 2012 presidential primary with 53,507 more voters.

Nationally, Donald Trump leads the pack with the most delegates followed by Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich.

To clinch the party’s nomination, a candidate will need to reach 1,237 delegates, a majority of the 2,472 delegates at stake.

Here’s the current national delegate total:

  • Donald Trump – 389
  • Ted Cruz – 302
  • Marco Rubio – 149
  • John Kasich – 37
  • Unbound delegates – 12 (previously pledged to Ben Carson and Jeb Bush)

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