KYTC Urges Caution for Adopt-A-Highway Participants

We’re always warned to watch for hazards on the road. Now, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials are asking people to watch for off-road hazards.

They’re warning Adopt-A-Highway program participants to watch for hazardous items, like needles and one pot meth labs, when cleaning up the state’s highways.

We’re taught to be safe when driving the highways. Now, we’re being told to be safe when cleaning highways.

“I know our bridge inspection folks will occasionally find remnants of say a meth lab or maybe some needles,” says Keith Todd of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

KYTC officials are warning to hundreds of groups in the program  to watch out for dangerous items, like needles and one pot meth labs.

“If it’s a Mountain Dew 20 oz. bottle with a hose sticking out of it, or a Gatorade with some floating remnants in it that wasn’t Gatorade, in that case I would become suspect,” says Trooper Corey King of the Kentucky State Police.

Troopers say they’ve noticed more cases of roadside needles and meth labs being found the past four years.  They say if mishandled, it can be deadly.

“Once they use this by produ’ct to finish it off, they’re discarding it, and all you have is, essentially, an IED laying on the side of the road which a child can grab or anyone who wants to do the right thing and clean the side of the road,” King says.

“We generally don’t allow them to pick up trash on interstates or parkways, we reserve that for professional pick up crews. And those crews are also trained,” Todd adds.

Officials say volunteers should report any suspicious items to state police or other law enforcement agencies to keep themselves and drivers safe.

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