Lawmakers negotiating on proposal for border security


There’s not much time left for the House Senate Conference Committee to come up with a compromise on border security and avoid another government shutdown.

The 17 lawmakers on the committee are negotiating privately since their first meeting last week.

There are plans to have a proposal ready be the end of the week.

The Bipartisan Conference Committee is working to find a deal on border security that can pass the House and Senate and the President will sign.

“Tasked by our respective caucuses, we’ll get this done before Wednesday night.”

“We are having Republicans and Democrats who are used to negotiating with each other, are used to reaching an agreement, and we will.”

Lawmakers remain optimistic they will find a deal – despite President Trump saying he believes the negotiations are a waste of time.

“The President could be right. We could be wasting our time. On the other hand, we could come up to a solution.”

But the conference committee needs to act quickly. They have just more than ten days to find a solution they agree on.

“I think that the President is dead set on keeping his campaign promise. I support border security, a wall, a fence, a barrier, whatever it takes.  Also support enhanced procedures, technology and more manpower.”

But Democrats are opposed to funding a border wall. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy says he wants taxpayers’ dollars spent on measures, like technology and other resources to better secure the border. 

“Let’s vote for things that work.”

“We’ve got to have a comprehensive approach to this. I believe that we’ve got a chance this week to move things.”

President Trump thinks differently — he’s suggested declaring a National Emergency to fund the border wall.

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(This story was originally published on February 4, 2019)

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