Two stores, one last name, and more than 250 different kinds of chocolate.

Libs Chocolate has been a household name in Evansville since the original store opened on 6th and Main Street in the 1950s.

Even after co-owners and brothers decided to go their own separate ways in the 1980s, Libs’ iconic status has yet to change.

“They did split off, and there’s no beef, we just say try them both and buy the one you like best,” said Tom Libs, candymaker at Stephen Libs Finer Chocolates.”

Stephen Libs Finer Chocolates and Mike Libs and The Chocolate Factory have more than just a last name in common this month, they’re both prepping for the single busiest week of the year.

“Pecan flip-overs, we will make and sell this month about 2,000 pounds, and we will dip chocolate covered strawberries starting this weekend, and last year we dipped 25 flats in two days,” said Mike Libs, owner of Mike Libs and The Chocolate Factory.

Mike Libs is already with nearly one hundred pre-orders for chocolate covered strawberries.

Mike Libs and The Chocolate Factory say they sold roughly 500 pounds of chocolate covered strawberries over Valentines last year.

Stephen Lib’s Finer Chocolates says they anticipate selling nearly 15,000 pounds of chocolate between now and next Wednesday, and plan on having all hands on deck, working around the clock to make sure they are well stocked.

“It’s the busiest and the shortest span, but Christmas is bigger overall, we’re busier for like a month, but Valentines is in all about a week,” said Tom Libs.

Libs on both sides say when it comes to Valentines Day, chocolate is a must, and where you decide to get yours is up to you, but one thing that sets apart both businesses is the long running Evansville tradition.