OWENSBORO, KY. (WEHT) — The Towne Square Mall officially closed its doors Sept. 5, after clearing out its previous 10 vendors. Gulf stream services is hosting a liquidation sale this weekend.

Officials say they had to open doors 15 minutes earlier than expected because the line was so long.

“We got here at 9:30 this morning and the line was packed to the other side of the mall. It was quite crazy,” said Wendall Hallam, a shopper from the sale.

It stretched down Frederica street, as the public prepared to see what they could find inside.

“Starting off the morning was really calm really peaceful people were running around but as the evenings gone on it’s only got a little bit more crazy in there,” said Hallam.

The sale reopens Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Authorities say the most popular items purchased were clothing racks, décor and shelving.

Thousands of items left the old Sears store space, and the mall’s iconic bear and holiday chair were donated to the city’s Christmas parade. The parade will take place on Nov. 18.

“I’ve been with the parade for 41 years this year, and each year of course we have a Santa’s float. So, this will be used on Santa’s float,” said Jane Head of the Daviess County Christmas Parade Association.

Gulfstream employees helped customers load items into their vehicles.

All of the money brought in from the sales will go to the mall’s parent company, Towne Square Mall Holdings.