List of candidates running in Indiana

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Indiana’s primary is being held on May 8, 2018. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Here’s a list of the candidates that will be on the primary ballot.


US Senator
Joe Donnelly – Democratic (incumbent)
Mike Braun – Republican
Luke Messer – Republican 
Todd Rokita – Republican

US Representative, District 8
Larry Bucshon – Republican (incumbent)
Rachel Covington – Republican
Richard Moss – Republican
William Tanoos – Democratic

State Senator, District 47 (Crawford, Orange, Harrison, Perry and Washington counties, and eastern Dubois County)
Erin Houchin – Republican (incumbent)
Nicholas A. (Nick) Siler – Democratic

State Senator, District 48 (Pike, Spencer, and portions of Dubois, Knox, Gibson, and Warrick counties)
Mark Messmer – Republican (incumbent)

State Senator, District 49 (Posey County, portions of Vanderburgh and Gibson counties)
Edie Hardcastle – Democratic
Jim Tomes – Republican (incumbent)

State Representative, District 63 (Portions of Daviess, Dubois, Pike and Martin counties)
Shane M. Lindauer – Republican (incumbent)
Dennis Tedrow – Democratic
Joseph “Joe” Lannan – Democratic

State Representative, District 64 (all of Gibson County and portions of Knox, Pike, Vanderburgh and Posey counties)
Ken A Beckerman – Republican
Matt Hostettler – Republican 
Bruce W Ungethiem – Republican 

State Representative, District 74 (all of Perry and Crawford counties and portions of Spencer, Dubois and Orange counties)
Stephen R. Bartles – Republican (incumbent)
Larry K. Kleeman – Democratic 

State Representative, District 75 (portions of Warrick, Pike and Spencer counties)
Ron Bacon – Republican (incumbent)
John Hurley – Democratic

State Representative, District 76 (most of Posey County and a section of Vanderburgh County)
Wendy (Mac) McNamara – Republican (incumbent)
Stephen (Steve) Folz – Democratic

State Representative, District 77 (portions of Vanderburgh County)
Ryan Hatfield – Democratic (incumbent)

State Representative, District 78 (portions of Vanderburgh and Warrick counties)
Holli Sullivan – Republican (incumbent)

Vanderburgh County

Prosecuting Attorney
Nicholas G Hermann – Republican

Brian A Gerth – Republican

Dave Wedding – Democratic

County Assessor
Bill Fluty – Republican

County Commissioner, District 2
Michael J Duckworth Sr – Republican
Steve Hammer – Republican
Vernon Stevens – Republican

County Council, District 1
David Christmas – Republican
James Raben – Republican

County Council, District 2
Tom Shetler Jr – Republican

County Council District 3
Stephanie Terry – Democratic

County Council District 4
John Monstrastelle – Republican

Armstrong Township Trustee
Randy L Kent – Republican

Armstrong Township Board (choose three)
James Memmer – Republican
David W Schmitt – Republican

Center Township Trustee
Gary Burdsall – Republican

Center Township Board (choose three)
Tom Gant – Republican
J Ervin Stafford Stucki – Republican
James F Tolen – Republican 

German Township Trustee
Tim Schaefer – Democratic
Tricia Gerteisen – Republican
Sherri Schlitt – Republican

German Township Board (choose three)
Frank T Peterlin – Republican 
Beverly White Rowley – Republican

Knight Township Trustee
Kathryn Martin – Democratic
Wm. Billy D Garrett – Republican
Johnny Kincaid – Republican

Knight Township Board (choose three)
Donald R Boerner – Republican 
Norman L Kniese – Republican
Christopher Politano – Republican 
David Woods – Republican 

Perry Township Trustee
Rick Riney – Democratic

Perry Township Board (choose three)
James L Eickhoff – Democratic
Charlie Guetling – Democratic
Lloyd D Jost – Democratic
Ted Miller – Democratic 

Pigeon Township Trustee
Mary E Hart – Democratic 
Mariama Wilson – Democratic 

Pigeon Township Board (choose three)
Shirley A Baker – Democratic
Mary Ann Eickhoff – Democratic
Mary Louise Hall – Democratic 
Ruby McGlown – Democratic
Brittany A Mitchell – Democratic 
Callie M Rogers – Democratic 
Bridgett Tate – Democratic 

Scott Township Trustee
Bob F Harris – Republican

Scott Township Board (choose three)
Keith D Kahre – Republican
Steven Jackson – Republican 
Jim McCutchan – Republican 

Union Township Trustee
Joseph Steinkamp – Republican

Union Township Board (choose three)
Michael Kolb – Republican
Chris Winiger – Republican 

Gibson County

Judge of the Gibson Circuit Court, 66th Judicial
Abigail “Abby” Brown-Cox – Republican
Jeffrey F. Meade – Republican

Prosecuting Attorney
Michael R. Cochren – Republican

Tim Bottoms – Republican
Mike Hurt – Republican
Tim A. Speedy – Republican
Bruce Vanoven – Republican
Jeffrey A. Hill – Democratic

Circuit Court Clerk
Jim Morrow – Republican

Kim Minkler – Democratic

Tonya Thompson – Democratic

Mary Ann O’Neal – Republican
Charles “Chuck” Strunk – Republican
Jim Kolb – Democratic

County Commissioner, District 1
Mary B. Key – Republican
Larry A. Sisk – Republican
Clinton Smith – Republican
Cecil R. “Bob” Allen – Democratic
Larry J. Pauley – Democratic

County Council, District 1
Barrett W. Doyle – Republican
Jay Riley – Republican

County Council, District 2
Dan L. Beard – Democratic

County Council, District 3
Daniel J. Lefler – Republican
D. Craig Pflug – Republican

County Council, District 4
Jeremy Overton – Republican 

Barton Township Trustee
Wilma Miley – Republican

Barton Township Board (choose three)
Preston B. Richardt – Republican
Eric W. Walker – Democratic

Center Township Trustee
Ruth Ann Hart – Democratic

Center Township Board (choose three)
David W. Robb – Republican 
Gilbert Robb – Republican
David Pond – Democratic 

Columbia Township Trustee
Shannon Green – Republican
Karen Rowe – Republican 

Columbia Township Board (choose three)
James Deffendall – Republican
Timothy J. Powers – Republican
Tiffany Riley Perkins – Democratic 

Johnson Township Trustee
Patrick Bengert – Democratic 

Johnson Township Board (choose three)
Andrew A. Goedde – Republican
Michael Priar – Democratic 
Shawn Spear – Democratic 

Montgomery Township Trustee
DeWayne E. Wade – Democratic 

Montgomery Township Board (choose three)
Carl T. Montgomery – Republican
Keith Armstrong – Democratic 
Kay Conklin – Democratic 
Donald Hale – Democratic 

Patoka Township Trustee
Phyllis Ernst – Republican
Sue Shawhan – Democratic 

Patoka Township Board (choose three)
Larry A. Matthews – Republican
Bruce McIntosh – Republican
Ed Prior – Republican 
John E. Ready – Democratic 

Union Township Trustee
Stacey DeHart – Republican 
Holly Brittingham – Democratic 

Union Township Board (choose three)
Warren E. Fleetwood – Democratic
Roger J. Holzmeyer – Democratic 
Craig A. Kuester – Democratic 
Brett A. Lemmons – Demcoratic 

Wabash Township Trustee
Dorothy Jaquemai – Democratic

Wabash Township Board (choose three)
Jerry Jaquemai – Republican
Ryan Winternheimer – Republican
Jack L. Penner – Democratic

Washington Township Trustee
Tony Schroeder – Democratic

Washington Township Board (choose three)
Rusty Hill – Republican
David “Mike” Hill – Democratic

White River Township Trustee
Chad Ellis – Republican

White River Township Board (choose three)
Tricia Anthis Kolb – Democratic
Jimmy Miller – Democratic
Sue Stuckey – Democratic

Dubois County

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Amy Kippenbrock – Republican
Kiersten Knies – Democratic

Eve Drew – Republican
Angie Giesler – Democratic

Sandra L Morton – Democratic

County Commissioner, District 2
Elmer Brames – Democratic

County Council, District 1
Craig M Greulich – Democratic

County Council, District 2
Mary E Beckman – Democratic
Darren C Patterson – Republican

County Council, District 3
Charmian R Klem – Republican
Deborah A Major – Democratic

County Council, District 4
Jerry R Hunefeld – Republican

Jaclyn McPherron – Republican
Gail Hasenour Reutman – Democratic

Thomas J. Kleinhelter – Republican
Tim D Lampert – Democratic

Prosecuting Attorney
Anthony D. Quinn – Democratic

Birdseye Town Clerk-Treasurer
Birttany L Schepers – Democratic
Kelly G Wiseman – Democratic

Birdseye Town Council Member
Priscilla D Atkins – Republican
Bret D Eckert – Republican
Mary A Cummings – Democratic
Clyde Huff – Democratic
Lisa A Huff – Democratic
Roy L Partenheimer – Democratic

Bainbridge Township Trustee
Ken Buck – Democratic

Bainbridge Township Board (choose three)
Kenneth Hulsman – Democratic
James A Schroeder – Democratic
David J Spellmeyer – Democratic

Boone Township Trustee
Mark A Kieffner – Republican

Boone Township Board (choose three)
Kimberly A Hoffman – Republican
Pamela J Weisheit-Hart – Republican 

Cass Township Trustee
James K Meyer – Democratic 

Cass Township Board (choose three)
Lee A Bilderback – Democratic
Steve A Eckert – Democratic
Lisa Matthews – Democratic
Randy J Boehm – Republican 

Columbia Township Trustee
Larry G Hall – Republican

Columbia Township Board (choose three)
Donald E Harrison – Republican
Larry G Mickler – Republican
James Leon Wineinger – Republican 

Ferdinand Township Trustee
David M Kemper – Democratic

Ferdinand Township Board (choose three)
Albert T Dilger – Democratic
Michael R Lindauer – Democratic 

Hall Township Trustee
Allen R Thewes – Democratic

Hall Township Board (choose three)
Kevin R Knies – Republican
Fred Lampert – Democratic 

Harbison Township Trustee
Marvin G Eisenhut – Republican 

Harbison Township Board (choose three)
Dalcus G Fuhrman – Republican
Larry M Jones – Republican
Mary L Zehr – Republican 

Jackson Township Trustee 
Sylvester L Voegerl – Democratic

Jackson Township Board (choose three)
Dan E Oeding – Democratic
Gregory K Welp – Democratic 

Jefferson Township Trustee
Brian L King – Democratic

Jefferson Township Board (choose three)
Charlene L Atkins – Democratic 
Lisa M Striegel – Democratic

Madison Township Trustee
Scott A Blazey – Republican

Madison Township Board (choose three)
Pat D Lichlyter – Democratic
Mark R Schmitt – Republican
Alan R Small – Republican 

Marion Township Trustee
Clarence O Reckelhoff – Democratic 

Marion Township Board (choose three)
Eugene Bachman – Democratic 
James K Hasenour – Democratic 
Randy Lueken – Democratic 

Patoka Township Trustee
Don Astrike – Republican 

Patoka Township Board (choose three)
Cynthia A Fehribach – Republican 
Larry J Ferguson – Democratic 
Roland G Terwiske – Democratic 

Perry County

Circuit Court Clerk 
Lynn Fulkerson – Republican 
Mandi Mogan – Democratic 

County Assessor
Mendy Lassaline – Democratic 

County Auditor
Pamela L Goffinet – Democratic 

County Commissioner, District 2
Larry Raymond James – Democratic

County Coroner
Joseph L Adkins – Democratic
Kevin “Nic” Etienne – Republican
Gary W Huffines – Republican 

County Council, District 1
Charles A Baumeister – Democratic 
J.R. Flynn –  Republican 

County Council, District 2
Dann J. Bolin – Democratic

County Council, District 3
John J Taylor – Democratic 

County Council, District 4
Mary Jo Beckman – Democratic
Earla J Williams – Republican 

County Sheriff
Marty L Haughee – Democratic 
Alan Malone – Democratic 
Richard L Myers – Republican 

County Treasurer
Charlotte A Rogier – Democratic 

Circuit Court Judge
Lucy Goffinet – Democratic 

Prosecuting Attorney
Jason Hoch – Democratic 

Anderson Township Board (choose three)
Alie Hedinger – Democratic 
Kelesha Hubert – Democratic 
Eva Rothgerber – Democratic 

Oil Township Board (choose three)
Rita L Hammond – Republican 

Tobin Township Board (choose three)
Beverly Biever – Democratic
Shelly Cash – Republican
Carolyn Harpe – Republican 

Troy Township Board (choose three)
Christie Froehlich – Democratic
Tom Hagerdorn – Democratic 
Pam Wittman – Democratic 

Union Township Board (choose three)
Noah Steve Howell – Democratic 
Darla Sixx – Democratic 
Danny Toothman – Democratic 

Anderson Township Trustee
Sarah Kleaving – Democratic 

Clark Township Trustee
Korre Ubelhor – Republican 

Leopold Township Trustee
Roger Hagman – Democratic 

Oil Township Trustee
Sheila E Borden – Republican 

Tobin Township Trustee
Rachel D Driver – Republican 

Troy Township Trustee
Patricia “Pat” Reed – Democratic 

Union Township Trustee
Betty “Mac” Labhart – Democratic 

Pike County

County Assessor
Mike Goodpaster – Republican 

County Auditor
Judy Wood Gumbel – Republican 
Jody L Hoover – Democratic 

County Commissioner, District 2
Mark Flint – Republican 
Heath James Scraper – Democratic 
Steven R Vian – Democratic 

County Council, District 1
Daren Cook – Democratic
Randy Harris – Republican 

County Council, District 2
Jon W Craig – Republican 
Charles R Lemond – Republican
Shawn McGillem – Republican 

County Council, District 3
Max Elliott – Republican
Jim Johns – Republican 

County Council, District 4
Travis C Troutman – Republican 

County Recorder
Lida Robinson – Democratic 

County Sheriff
John Bellamy – Democratic
Brad Jenkins – Democratic
Kent Johnson – Democratic 
Frank A Coleman Jr. – Republican 
Jeffrey Davis II – Republican 

Circuit Court Judge
Jeffrey L Biesterveld – Democratic 

Prosecuting Attorney
Darrin E. McDonald – Republican

Clay Township Trustee
John B Davidson – Republican 

Jefferson Township Trustee
Danielle Houtsch – Republican 
Cynthia Ridao – Democratic 

Jefferson Township Board (choose three)
Chris Burkhart – Democratic 
Linda Teague – Democratic 
Jerry T Traylor – Democratic 

Lockhart Township Trustee
Angela O’Neal – Democratic 

Lockhart Township Board (choose three)
William Caldemeyer – Democratic
B Berniece Luker – Democratic 
Charles Mike Meyer – Democratic 
Jace A Houchin – Republican 

Logan Township Trustee
Shirley Ann Shafer – Democratic 

Madison Township Trustee
Carol Sue Sutton – Republican 

Madison Township Board (choose three)
Jeff Davis Sr. – Republican 
David W Ice – Republican 

Marion Township Trustee
Becky Steinhart – Republican 

Marion Township Board (choose three)
Rich Bush – Democratic
Gregory Gray – Democratic 
Tracy Evans – Republican 

Monroe Township Trustee
Sandra K Barrett – Democratic 

Monroe Township Board (choose three)
Elaine Barrett – Democratic 
Ivan Mason – Democratic 
Rita L Williams – Democratic 

Patoka Township Trustee
Joe Melhiser – Republican 

Patoka Township Board (choose three)
Danny B DeJarnett – Democratic 
Richard A Tisdale – Democratic 
Rodney L Dixon Sr. – Republican 

Washington Township Trustee
Marie N Boyd – Republican 

Washington Township Board (choose three)
Susan Flint – Republican
Jeff Harting – Republican

Posey County

Circuit Court Judge
Trent Van Haaften – Democratic
Jake Warrum – Democratic 
Craig Goedde – Republican

County Clerk
Sheryl Seifert – Democratic 
Kay Kilgore – Republican 

County Auditor
Sabrina M. Harms – Democratic 
Sarah Beth Meighen – Republican 

County Recorder
Mary “Hoehn” Rhoades – Democratic

County Assessor
Nancy A. Hoehn – Republican

County Sheriff
Tom Latham – Democratic

Prosecuting Attorney
Travis Lee Clowers – Republican

County Coroner
Bill Denning – Democratic 

County Commissioner, District 2
James L. (Jim) Alsop – Democratic
Randy Thornburg – Republican 

County Council, District 1
Tom R. Schneider – Democratic 

County Council, District 2
Brandon Deig – Democratic 
Stefani Miller – Republican 

County Council, District 3
Gregg R. Wagner – Democratic 

County Council, District 4
David Pearce – Republican 

Bethel Township Trustee
Diana Meyer – Democratic 

Bethel Township Board (choose three)
Patricia J. Hancock – Democratic 
Lisa K. Daugherty – Democratic 

Black Township Trustee
Jerry R. Walden – Republican 

Black Township Board (choose three)
Jordan Beach – Democratic 
Brian Williams – Democratic 
Donald Ray Oeth – Republican 

Center Township Board (choose three)
Ann Tepool – Democratic 

Harmony Township Trustee
James Robert Scarafia – Democratic 

Harmony Township Board (choose three)
Daniel W. Creek – Democratic 
Charles W. Mann – Democratic 
Melissa Peerman – Democratic 

Lynn Township Trustee
Don Mercer – Democratic 

Lynn Township Board (choose three)
John Pate – Democratic 
Spencer Aldrich – Democratic 
Gregory A. Redman – Democratic 

Marrs Township Trustee
Greg Martin – Democratic 
Christina M. Seifer – Republican 

Marrs Township Board (choose three)
Bambi L. Deig – Democratic 
Holly Weinzapfel – Democratic 
Bartell Berg – Democratic 
Alladean Kramer – Republican
Vince Frazier – Republican 
Angie Attebury – Republican 

Point Township Trustee
Robin Price – Democratic 

Point Township Board (choose three)
Mike Denning – Democratic 
Mary M. Price – Democratic 
Beverly A. Tucker – Democratic 

Robb Township Trustee
Charles (Steve) Baker – Democratic 

Robb Township Board (choose three)
Jean L. Fehribach – Democratic 
Brenda Ann Garris – Democratic 
Jim Nash – Republican 

Robinson Township Trustee
Gary W. Saalweachter – Democratic 

Robinson Township Board (choose three)
Glen A. Saalweachter – Democratic 
Barbara Gilles – Democratic 
Jerome B. Anslinger – Democratic 

Smith Township Trustee
Jo Franklin – Democratic

Spencer County

County Coroner
Chris Anderson – Democratic 
Matthew “Matt” Conen – Republican 
Rachel Gentry – Republican 
Alan Shourds – Republican 

County Auditor
Autumn Goodman Winkler – Republican 

County Assessor
Jane (Cotton) McGinnis – Democratic 

County Sheriff
Kellene “Kelli” Reinke – Democratic 
Kermitt L Lindsey – Republican 
Dale W Meredith – Republican
Harvey Merrick – Rpeublican 

Prosecuting Attorney
Daniel Ray Wilkinson – Democratic 
Victor J Ippoliti – Republican 

Carter Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Edwin J Balbach – Democratic 
Adam Mix – Democratic 
Phyllis L Oeding – Democratic 

Clay Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Debbie Kroeger – Republican 
Michael R Roos – Republican 
Gary Schroeder – Republican 
Cynthia “Cindy” Winchell – Republican 

Grass Township Trustee
LeGeanne (Jeanne) Thomas – Democratic

Grass Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Raymond Lynam – Republican 
Gary McDaniel – Republican 

Hammond Township Trustee
Jane Lynam – Republican 

Hammond Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Norman Lloyd Hughes – Republican 
George Albert Lynam – Republican
Sandra K Snyder – Republican 

Harrison Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Beth Hoffman – Democratic 
Brenda Kress – Democratic 
Denise Mehringer – Democratic 
Alan R Waninger – Democratic 

Huff Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Philip Abshier Jr. – Republican 
Josh Knepper – Republican 
David Lautner – Republican 
Angie Masterson – Republican 

Jackson Township Trustee
Sandra Kay Bender – Democratic 

Jackson Township Advisory Board (choose three)
James Halleck Anderson – Democratic 
Jennifer Roedel – Democratic 
Mary C Spellmeyer – Democratic 

Luce Township Trustee
Pete Rapp – Democratic 
Bonnie Young – Democratic
Sara Cron Frederick – Republican 
Wm. Rick Garrett – Republican 

Luce Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Ramona (Mona) Daming – Democratic 
Rocky Lee Martin – Democratic
Kathie Payne – Democratic 
Ramona Beatty – Republican 
Twila Kempf – Republican 
Mayola Lindsey Toliver – Republican 

Ohio Township Trustee
Brian Burns – Republican 

Ohio Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Lee Frobeter – Republican 
Robert Lindsey – Republican 
Kyle Wilkerson – Republican 

County Commissioner
Jim Seiler – Republican  

County Council, District 1
Matt Hayko – Democratic 
Steve Haaff – Republican 

County Council, District 2
Blake Bunner – Republican 

County Council, District 3
Todd Grundhoefer – Democratic 
Jack N Kroeger – Republican 

County Council, District 4
Todd B Ruxer – Democratic

Santa Claus Town Council
Michael Johannes – Republican 
Jason Little – Republican 

Warrick County

County Council, District 1
Cindy Ledbetter – Republican 
J. Ryan Flener – Republican
Gary R. Meyer – Republican 

County Council, District 2
Christopher Weyer – Democratic
Paul Rudolph – Republican
Richard Reid – Republican
Mike Griffin – Republican

County Council, District 3
Greg Richmond – Republican
Kimberly “Kim” Gibson – Republican 
Jenni Ransom – Democratic 

County Council, District 4
David Hachmeister – Republican 
Nancy Woolsey – Democratic 

County Assessor
Sarah Redman – Republican

County Auditor
Debbie Stevens – Republican 
Chelsea Ballis – Democratic 

County Commissioner, District 2
Terry Phillippe – Republican
Ted Metzger – Republican
Mark Warren – Democratic 

County Sheriff
Mike Wilder – Republican 

Superior Court Judge #1
Zach Winsett – Republican

Superior Court Judge #2
Amy Steinkamp Miskimen – Republican 

County Prosecutor
Michael J. Perry – Republican

Anderson Township Trustee
Jill Barnett – Democratic

Anderson Township Advisory Board
Jason Wangler – Democratic
Mary Clark – Democratic 
Sherry Snodgrass – Democratic 

Boon Township Trustee
Jerry Abshire – Democratic 
Deborah “Debbie” Barnett – Republican

Boon Township Advisory Board
Shelia Crock – Democratic
Michael Greer – Republican 
John N. Lashley – Republican
Cheyenne Phillips – Democratic
Davaid Boruff – Democratic 
Cindy Warren – Democratic 

Campbell Township Trustee
Steven A. Wagner

Campbell Township Advisory Board
Karin M. Godeke – Republican
Karen Bacon – Republican 
Charles Wagner – Republican
Mike Titzer – Democratic 

Greer Township Trustee
Deborah (Debby) Ann English – Republican 

Greer Township Advisory Board
Carl Nicholson – Republican
Teresa Silke – Republican 
Bill Kitchens – Democratic 
Sheryl Coleman – Democratic 

Hart Township Trustee
Kelly Hall – Democratic 

Hart Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Julie Merkel – Democratic
Carla Kissel – Democratic 
Royal Hadley – Democratic 

Lane Township Trustee
Sarah Horn – Republican 

Lane Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Hester Lubbehusen – Democratic 
Andrew D. Horn – Republican 
Linda Orth – Democratic 

Ohio Township Trustee
Chad Bennett – Republican 

Ohio Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Michael Wilson – Republican 
Rhonda Healy – Republican
Donald Brooks – Republican
Nancy Grimes Bennett – Republican 
Debbie Reid – Republican 
Charlie Pride – Republican 
John C. Barner – Democratic 
Ed Butch – Democratic 
Kristopher “Kris” Stallins – Democratic 
Mary Cole Platz – Democratic 
Mary Cole Platz – Democratic 

Owen Township Trustee
Raleigh Bruner – Democratic 

Owen Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Larry Miles – Democratic
Jackie Miles – Democratic 
Dee A. Postin – Democratic 

Pigeon Township Trustee
Mike Moesner – Republican

Pigeon Township Advisory Board
Terry Hunt – Republican
Gary Higgs – Democratic 
Kenneth Peterson – Republican 

Skelton Township Trustee
Tim Seiler – Democratic 

Skelton Township Advisory Board (choose three)
Donna McCutchan – Democratic
Tyler Heilman – Republican
Jon Jenkins – Republican

Lynnville Clerk Treasurer
Lauri Stockus – Democratic 
Seth Yates – Democratic 

Lynnville Town Council, District 1
Stacy Tevault – Democratic
Thomas Barclay – Republican

Lynnville Town Council, District 2
Eric Erwin – Democratic 

Lynnville Town Council, District 3
Doris Horn – Democratic 
Ginger Taylor – Republican 

Newburgh Town Council, District 2
Leanna Hughes – Republican
Allyson Claybourn – Democratic 

Newburgh Town Council, At Large
Carol Hicks Schaefer – Republican
Kit Holland – Democratic 

Chandler Town Council, District 2
Andrea Granderson Johnson – Democratic 
Nicholas Messer – Democratic 
Kim Burnett – Republican 

Chandler Town Council, District 4
Ron Whitledge – Republican 
Brian Hinkle – Republican 

Tennyson Clerk Treasurer
Sarah Adams – Democratic 

Tennyson Town Council, District 1
Cathy Oser – Democratic 

Tennyson Town Council, District 2
Keith Curtis – Democratic
Steve Bruce – Democratic 

Tennyson Town Council, District 3
Auburn Wade – Democratic 
Kenny Adams – Democratic 
Angi Hunt – Republican 

Elberfeld Clerk Treasurer
Mandy Matthews Kirsch – Republican

Elberfeld Town Council
Jeffrey Valiant – Democratic 
Martin Walters – Republican 
Tracee L. Matthews – Republican 

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