HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The NAACP chapter in Henderson hosted an event at the Henderson Public Library to demonstrate the critical role of African-Americans in Henderson history.

The house was packed to see the historic spread of photos detailing the history of the black community in Henderson County, dating all the way back to the 1860’s to present day.

“Our history is so important because we don’t know who we are – our children don’t know who they are. They get side tracked with all the violence that is going on today. We need to know who we are – all nationalities need to know who they are,” says Tim Whitsell of the NAACP of Madisonville and Hopkins County.

The NAACP hopes that teaching this history will help residents know where they come from – and for children to be properly educated on the past – so that they may continue the tradition of African-American entrepreneurship and community in Henderson.

“I get really frustrated because there is no growth in our community. There used to be a vibrant community – now the young folks we have now don’t believe in anything – because they don’t see; what you don’t see, you don’t believe,” says Deborah Hoda, President of the Henderson NAACP chapter.

The NAACP say that the goal is for these items will one day be housed in a museum so that everyone can see and appreciate this important part of history in the Tri-state. Plans were also previewed for new scholarships that will soon be available to ensure future success of the next generation of black leaders.

“When we rise, we rise together, and it takes all of us to make that happen – make Henderson, and Madisonville, and all these counties together, the nation will rise,” says Whitsell.

The NAACP is holding it’s next meeting on March 20th. All are encouraged to attend to help make the community more united and successful.