Warrick County board members question who will pay for the special election


BOONVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Preparations are underway for the democratic primary special election in Boonville.

Warrick County election board members say there are still some unanswered questions like who’s paying the bill?

Warrick county election board members aren’t too happy about the judge’s order for a special election but they are still taking it seriously.

Warrick County Clerk Patricia Perry says they are taking extra steps to clear up some voter confusion and to ensure they are in compliance with voting requirements.

“We are going to be mailing out cards with information on them letting them know where they need to go vote.”

A judge recently ordered a special election in the democratic primary for the District 4 Boonville city council seat.

Election night numbers showed Steven Byers defeating Chad Pryor by about 30 votes.

The order came after Pryor found multiple errors in the election process, including some people who voted in the wrong district.

Warrick County Attorney Todd Glass says several factors lead to the errors in the May primary.

“The city of Boonville was annexing areas, and voter precincts and districts were changing. Then the city council then went and changed the district lines again. They received the court’s order that I necessarily didn’t agree with but we received it and they’re going to implement it.”

The special election is scheduled for September. It is expected to cost more than ten thousand dollars.

State law requires candidates who ask for a recount to pay 100 dollars per precinct.

However, this is a special election, leaving officials trying to figure out who is responsible for picking up the tab.

“Well I don’t know what to say about the cost of this electron we’re going to figure that out amongst the attorneys involved in the special election matter,” says Glass.

Although it’s unclear who’s paying the bill, Glass says preparations for the elections are in full spring.

A special election will be held on September 10th to determine the democrat nominee for Boonville city district four.
The winner will be placed on the ballot as a Democrat candidate for the general election.

Election officials say all registered voters are eligible to vote in the special election.

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